Lua on Maemo

This is the place to find installable lua packages for maemo. I've installed and tested all of these on my Nokia N810 running Maemo OS2008 kernel 2.6.21-omap. The lua-text package is only the lua text interpreter; it should install and run on most Maemo versions.

You will need the wxgtk package installed on your device in order to use wxlua of course; together they will take up about 20 mb on your root filesystem. You can save a couple of mb by removing the /usr/share/doc/wxlua and /usr/share/doc/wxgtk directories.

Wxwidgets has good documentation and examples on using wxwidgets in your programs; you'll need to install the Maemo SDK on your development machine if you wish to build programs which call it directly. See wxlua for documentation and sample code using the luawx interpreter installed by the wxGTK and wxlua packages below.

Packages Hosted Here


Charles Shapiro, charles(dot)shapiro(at)