My name is John Wellington Wells
I'm a dealer in Magic and Spells
In Blessings and curses and ever-filled purses
In prophecies, witches and Knells.

W.S. Gilbert

Coldread is a program which strings words together. You must provide the raw materials and the structure, and you must arrange for something to tell you what will go where. But after that, you can generate a large number of possible outcomes for a small investment in words and code.

The coldread program was written on the 1996 Slackware distribution of linux. It compiles and runs successfully on the latest redhat distribution. You must have the full development kit installed on your system to create the binary, because it uses flex(1) and bison(1) as well as the gcc compiler. But the binary itself should run on most systems.

Coldread and its accompanying files are copyright (C) Charles Shapiro 1999 and are released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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Copyright Charles Shapiro November 1999
Charles Shapiro
Last Modified 17 Jun 2004