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The Paper Darts Guestbook 2003-2005
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From: dartroller
Date: Mon Sep 29 13:32:09 UTC 2003
Old guestbook entries are now linked
from the index to this site. Looks like paper darts actually came from the Netherlands. Who knew?
From: D. Carter
Date: Mon Oct 27 15:35:49 UTC 2003
What a funny/satirical site I enjoyed it, it is amazing what people have sites about no matter how obscure. (I admit I am a blowgun enthusiest too)
From: Craftsman
Date: Tue Oct 28 16:54:27 UTC 2003
Thanks for the link to the National Sports Blowgun Association. Love the site. Anyone in the USA who is involved in the Sport, please visit the National Sport Blowgun Association web site. We're looking for local clubs around the country to become affiliates - with the goal of making the sport into an Olympic event. NSBA gear will be offered in the near future. Downloadable 2004 Official NSBA calendar will be available soon.


Those from other countries, we're looking for your National Organization to register with the ISBA (International Sport Blowgun Association), and join our efforts towards establishing International competition standards and Olympic competition.
From: Gandalf the Grey
Date: Tue Oct 28 17:17:41 UTC 2003
Here's a nice trick for inside (close quarters). Get the plastic-tube "Q-tip" cotton swab ... cut off the cotton on one end. Get a pin from a new shirt, insert it in the open plasttic tube, back end first, about 1/4 - 1/2 inch. Insert a round toothpick in the tube next to the pin, until the pin is secure - break off the toothpick not in the tube. Use a plastic soada-fountain (large)drinking straw as the blowgun. Better - the long plastic "Pixy Stix" flavored sugar tubes - use scissors to crim both ends, once you sck down the sugar. Even better - the wooden mediacal swabs that doctors use - about 8 in. long (might even fit a .38 caliber blowgun.)
From: Clark D. Cloukey, Lt. Col. USAF Aux., ATP CFII
Date: Wed Oct 29 11:01:33 UTC 2003
Chas and Judy,
From: Clark
Date: Wed Oct 29 11:08:53 UTC 2003
I am amazed at the variety and lethality of thought this website has attracted. Kids, do NOT try this at home! Never, ever play with fire or fireworks or anything ballistic. It is just not NICE to treat people as moving targets.
From: andrew
Date: Wed Oct 29 20:27:12 UTC 2003
i need pictures how to build it
From: EPC
Date: Wed Nov 19 22:18:33 UTC 2003
Holy Shit EPC CONERS are the best. Thats my group.
From: Old Guy from the North Side of Chicago
Date: Fri Nov 21 19:38:22 UTC 2003
I have been making and blowing paper darts virtually identically to your protocol for over 55 years! I actually have one sitting in my desk drawer. I used electrical thinwall as the blowpipe and - at age 11 - could regularly land them on the roof of a 25 story building. One of my favorite pastimes was blowing them into window screens where they would "stick" - at the same time doing damage. I also tried them in miniature - i.e. rolling a full magazine page into a cylinder (.5" in diameter) and cutting the darts back to size. While nothing like the real thing, they go across a living room pretty quickly.
From: Sophia
Date: Fri Nov 21 23:15:07 UTC 2003
This is interesting! :D I'm so going to try it... so many unsuspecting people running about on college campuses just waiting to be dart-ed.
From: Rob - Age 13 these days
Date: Wed Nov 26 00:04:54 UTC 2003
What an idiot (I deleted all the stuff with the clear button accidently)

But neway... it's somethin about me lovin this for 5 months and my friends and I doin battles and thanks for the inspiration..... thanks for the inspiration... I'll never forget about blowgun wars....
From: David
Date: Wed Dec 24 01:54:34 UTC 2003
I have been using your paper darts for a year now, and tonight I thought I'd make some at work. The only problem was I don't have my blowgun here. I have several .625 caliber blowguns at home.
In desparation, I rolled up 5 sheets of magazine paper into a 3 foot tube, and was happy to be able to shoot the standard paper darts all the way across the (large) office.
My co-worker an I used the bottom of a styrofoam lunch tray for a target. The only extra thing I did to make the tube is to use some elmers to make it easier to form.
By the way, a dry erase marker is .63 or so, good to use as a template for rolling a blowgun!

From: xander
Date: Wed Nov 30 09:12:23 UTC 2005
hi i'm 14 and i started making these darts when i was 8 after i was fiddling with a piece of paper and managed to make a sharp point and thought that would hurt someone and my evil mind took over from there! only i make the barrel out of a rolled up piece of paper. i found this site from a freind who now makes these aswel and it is so funny to shoot the other kids during class!
From: Mike
Date: Sat Dec 3 08:46:28 UTC 2005
I've been building mine out of clothes hangers, a 6" piece with the end mashed flat with a hammer, then shaped and sharpened in the form of a broadhead with a small paper cone on the end, Yours don't sound dangerous enough. Later.
From: Klon
Date: Thu Dec 15 23:30:17 UTC 2005
...Nice! verry nice! )))
Date: Tue Jan 6 01:22:40 UTC 2004
instead of jamming a toothpick in just melt the end around the needle.that'll do some damage.
From: MikeBD
Date: Sat Dec 17 09:08:22 UTC 2005
This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...
From: Frylock
Date: Sat Dec 17 10:15:52 UTC 2005
You sissies. Get a wire coathanger strip the plastic off super glue through middle and u can puncture spraypaint cans. Full ones don't explode like i thought they would though...
From: Frylock
Date: Sat Dec 17 10:17:46 UTC 2005
You sissies. Get a wire coathanger strip the plastic off super glue through middle and u can puncture spraypaint cans. Full ones don't explode like i thought they would though...
From: craftsman
Date: Wed Jan 14 13:13:18 UTC 2004
Dr. Hironori Higuchi, co-chairman of the International Competition Blowgun Committee, based in Nagaoka, Japan will be attending the June 13, 2004 Sport Blowgun Competition near Rosetto, PA., USA. Visit http://www.enter.net/~craftsman/nsba/nsba7.htm for additional information on upcoming sanctioned competitions.
From: tony
Date: Thu Dec 22 21:29:02 UTC 2005
this is awesome!

my main complaint about these darts, however, is how MUCH they hurt if they hurt to get hit with. a friend and I have both coped with numerous injuries.
I have found that (1) wearing a thick hoodie, with the hood pulled over your head, and (2) rolling q-tips into the dart in the same way you roll toothpicks
can help reduce the pain:-)
From: Sniper X
Date: Sat Jan 17 18:56:28 UTC 2004
GREAT SITE! i'm now shooting these out of my .62 .50 and my easton XX75 arrowshaft blowgun. I luv the idea of the shoelace darts if someone could send me directions to make them it would be greatly appriciated. I had more to say but i accedentally deleted my 1st message and dont feel like typing it over i poped my dad in the back of the head with a paper dart from my .50 and he came unglued LOL. but im giving him a blowgun and making him a n arrowshat 1 and bought 2 pairs of safety goggles from the local DEALS store for 1.00 a pair. and am gonna try to rage war with him. well laters all if theres any 13-14 year old blowgunners out there email me it would be nice to know i aint the only one out there
From: Whisperss
Date: Wed Jan 21 21:50:02 UTC 2004
Thanks for the ideas, I am always looking for something new to try 8-)
From: 2Fast2c
Date: Sat Jan 24 08:10:35 UTC 2004
I learnt this From a 1st former bout 2 yeas ago u get a small square piece of paper a6 i think and you make it into an umbrella shapeand stick some blu tack into the end

or if u want to get leathel then put a Drawing pin in the end

just a suggestion l8erz
From: Good ol' kiwi
Date: Sat Jan 24 09:36:32 UTC 2004
Well In Aucklnad New zeasland we shoot cotton buds also known as cotton swipes with one of the ends cut off with a tooth pick shoved in they fly straight for about 3 meters then head for the nearest moving thing unless its more than 95 degreese on either side but they home in on ne thing that moves when it flys neway we shoot them out of straws and usally outside we can get them to fly 200-300 yards and still be going fastenough to draw blood if it hits somone ilke when i sent one down the school court yard accedentaly hit a teacher but they never found out it was me so yea dont shoot them at rats what ever u do they have thicker skin and will attack if theyget hurt.
p.s. shoot it at a brick wall before shooting it around people or animals u can kill a grown human with the speed these things fly
From: Enzan Shayta
Date: Thu Jan 29 22:04:30 UTC 2004
Wow. I am more interested in metal darts but this is the closest substitute I can find. It will be very entertaining.
From: Ken
Date: Sun Feb 1 09:58:27 UTC 2004
My first (and last) blowgun was made 25 years ago by rolling a large sheet of mylar drafting film into a 1/2" tube and taping it to prevent unravelling. Darts were made by rolling smaller pieces of mylar film into a 6" long cone and taping them with 2" of a 4" nail protruding from the head. In our drafting office a lot of fun was had by everyone by shooting targets down the other end of the room about 30' away (plastic cups, Penthouse calendar, etc.) with deadly accurate results. Our fun ended one day however when a senior manager walked into the office and a dart whizzed past his head. Luckily for him (and us) it missed. He didn't realise what had happened and didn't hear the dart embed in the wall at the back of the office. Suffice to say, that was the end of our blowgun days as we realised then just how dangerous these things were if not used carefully. We were all thanking our lucky stars that day.
From: Darkerweb13
Date: Mon Mar 1 04:09:41 UTC 2004
Awsome site, i finally got one that flies straght, if there are any ohter 13-14 yr old blowgunners out there besides SniperX, email me
From: Martini
Date: Fri Mar 12 03:00:11 UTC 2004
I have grown up with paper darts... I now live in Canada and challenge anyone .......ANYONE to a DARTWAR.....
Date: Sat Mar 13 22:51:18 UTC 2004
great site!!!!me and my friends have a great time hunting each other down with them.
From: gutshot
Date: Tue Mar 16 19:48:02 UTC 2004
hey this is realy cool and very fun. I made 30 darts today and shot them at my sister.
easy and fun Thanx
From: CJ
Date: Mon Mar 22 03:10:37 UTC 2004
From: Crampus8
Date: Tue Mar 30 13:34:18 UTC 2004
Top work fella!!

From: laner
Date: Fri Apr 2 18:44:45 UTC 2004
brilliatn werk boys im fixed, thumbsup from me n my mates
From: Jasper
Date: Tue Apr 20 17:42:42 UTC 2004
man u r the greatest!! i found this website on monday 19th april 2004, and it is now tuesday 20th april 2004. all my friends no how to make them, thanks to me, and we have developed the tube. 1 metre long copper tubing is a bit hard to hide during lessons so we roll up A4 sheets (21cm X 30cm) of paper long side to long side!! we roll them to about 1.5 cm diametre. we also use normal paper for the darts and glue the flap down. this makes them reusable for the whole lesson and a little safer than mag paper!!
i just want to say thanks to that man who showed u and thanks to u for telling the world about these suppurb lesson dissruptors!!
Andy J U.K. 20th april 2004

my uncle showed me how to make darts using biro pens. they are like scaled down tranculiser darts.
u have to get the middle of a biro and cut about 2.5 cm off the clear end. then get a strip of paper 1.5 cm wide and 4 cm long. roll the paper as thin as you can and push a pin (3-4 cm long). then twist the paper covered pin in the end of the biro tube u cut off. this may not fit so u have to cut off a small piece of paper until it fits and doesnt move at all. the get some cotton wool and roll the end, then push it in the other end of the tube with another pin. make sure the cotton wool is in well. once u have done that then u can roll up a piece of paper to the diametre of the dart and use that to fire it!! dont worry if u dont manage it first time, it takes a hell of a lot of practice and i dont show any of my mates because they are a little dangerous!! have fun!!
From: Jasper
Date: Tue Apr 20 17:45:44 UTC 2004
man u r the greatest!! i found this website on monday 19th april 2004, and it is now tuesday 20th april 2004. all my friends no how to make them, thanks to me, and we have developed the tube. 1 metre long copper tubing is a bit hard to hide during lessons so we roll up A4 sheets (21cm X 30cm) of paper long side to long side!! we roll them to about 1.5 cm diametre. we also use normal paper for the darts and glue the flap down. this makes them reusable for the whole lesson and a little safer than mag paper!!
i just want to say thanks to that man who showed u and thanks to u for telling the world about these suppurb lesson dissruptors!!
Andy J U.K. 20th april 2004

my uncle showed me how to make darts using biro pens. they are like scaled down tranculiser darts.
u have to get the middle of a biro and cut about 2.5 cm off the clear end. then get a strip of paper 1.5 cm wide and 4 cm long. roll the paper as thin as you can and push a pin (3-4 cm long). then twist the paper covered pin in the end of the biro tube u cut off. this may not fit so u have to cut off a small piece of paper until it fits and doesnt move at all. the get some cotton wool and roll the end, then push it in the other end of the tube with another pin. make sure the cotton wool is in well. once u have done that then u can roll up a piece of paper to the diametre of the dart and use that to fire it!! dont worry if u dont manage it first time, it takes a hell of a lot of practice and i dont show any of my mates because they are a little dangerous!! have fun!!
From: Bryce Cartwright
Date: Wed May 19 05:12:22 UTC 2004
This is something I have never heard of before...but im already in love. Thank you for spreading the trade and I will do the same. Wooohoo
From: dom
Date: Mon May 24 22:25:26 UTC 2004
DUDE these things rock im hooked and have been 4 nearly a week know also if u find a way to make these with straws email me at dominiccreation@hotmail.com
From: andrew
Date: Tue Jun 22 11:31:58 UTC 2004
this site is mad i needed help with my darts and know they are so good they fly at least 100 meaters easy.

try rapping the paper in that clear stuf that kids wrap there school books in. it make them water proof, fly better and is at least 50% stronger.

this site is mad
From: James Brown
Date: Thu Jun 24 22:55:08 UTC 2004
I started making these two years age after seeing this site. Before my life was incomplete but no longer
From: Roger Taylor
Date: Sat Jun 26 19:19:52 UTC 2004
Brings back fond memories of college dorm darting, in early sixties. My best accuracy and power, using 6 ft, 5/8 inch ID Reynolds aluminum tubing, cut to 3 foot lengths. Cut tail of dart on a curve, so that when it pops out round, it is slightly convex. Gives better seal. Tiny piece of scotch tape better than spit, for storage, yet still flies straight. Fully block tube with tongue, build up hernia pressure, rapidly withdraw tongue, dispense with "Tuh". Some tip roll-ins include de-headed panelling nails (hardened steel) or one inch finishing nails, with masking tape reinforcement at tip. Sticks in trees wonderfully, at good range. Happy darting! Roger Taylor
From: CJ
Date: Sun Jun 27 05:00:16 UTC 2004
my grandmas neighbors always yelled at me for messing around next to my grandmas bushes on "the neighbors" side so i feel sorry for them...NOT... next time when there sitting on their deck relaxing in the sun cus im stockpiling little boxes of darts all camofauged in the bushes in various places i can get them anywhere they are in there yard even in i dont have any in my pockets i have them on hand in the bushes at all times muahahahaha
From: Bruha
Date: Mon Jun 28 04:38:30 UTC 2004
Hey, i made about 120 of these plain paper darts to play around with my friends, but we decided they werent person friendly when they popped a pretty heavy duty beach ball. now i have all of them stuck in the foam on my wall downstairs. it looks like a piece of crazy sculpture with all of those darts sticking out. Thanks for the site and all the pics. theyve been a lot of fun to play with
From: BlowgunMatt
Date: Tue Jun 29 20:54:47 UTC 2004
Great job, this site is sooooo cool.
Me and my brother made some on the
first try.

Thanks abunch,
From: CJ
Date: Sun Jul 11 00:43:30 UTC 2004
YO if anyone has any ideas on how to make different sorts of darts plese email all info to yoyo86@hotmail.com thanks a lot
From: CJ
Date: Sat Jul 17 16:43:16 UTC 2004
does anyone know how to carry a large number of already made darts i was thinking of making a quiver but i cant think of how
From: adam
Date: Wed Jul 21 11:29:00 UTC 2004
i got a blow dart gun, i made it with plastic piping like PVC and put on a silencer and covered the silencer with electrical tape. I shoot paper darts with nails and pins and they stick in most things.
Try it out...
Date: Sat Jul 24 05:48:45 UTC 2004
i have found a breakthrew take a pen that has been gutted and rip open a hacky sack "not a dirt bag" and empty the beans into a cup or ziplock baggy and have fun shooting them round there much more easyer to carry around even though they dont go extreamly far they are easier to conseal that a 3ft tube cya
From: Bruha
Date: Sat Jul 31 02:49:38 UTC 2004
Hey im back. Last time i posted i was using a 2' .38 caliber but finnaly beefed up to a PVC 5' .625 gun. There is an incredible difference in preformance. Since i have a bigger gun ive been doing longer distance shooting using bamboo skewers with a standard paper cone. I was just playing around and since i had half of a magazine laying around i made a paper dart for the 5 footer. At the same distance the dart does not drop at all as apposed to about a foot, has more penetration (than sharpened bamboo) and is much quicker. The only thing is that they are fragile so it looks like i'll be making some major stock. Once again i would like to thank you for doing your part in spreading the design. I cant wait untill i am able to buy some acetate (projector paper) to make some stronger water proof darts.

To everyone else out there be assured that you are not the only youngins. Im merely 15 and im sure that there is a plethera of age groups obtaining knowlege from this site. Also for those of in search of other dart designs try http://www.polar-electric.com/Blowgun/Darts/index.html
and http://www.geezers-corner.com/GeezersCorner/University3ax.html for some exelent darts. I hope that my posting has been helpful and not a waste of bandwith and that you may all have a good blowgunning experience.

From: john
Date: Sat Jul 31 08:09:27 UTC 2004
how can i make stronger more reliable paper darts? please e-mail me back at
From: john
Date: Sat Jul 31 08:09:47 UTC 2004
how can i make stronger more reliable paper darts? please e-mail me back at
From: craftsman
Date: Thu Aug 5 12:46:24 UTC 2004
The National Sport Blowgunning Association (NSBA) has recognized the need to establish an individual membership offering for people who may be in a situation, due to work, military service, distance from a local club, or other reasons, where participation in the sport of competition target blowgun shooting in a club situation is not possible on a regular basis.

If you are not already a member of the NSBA, we hope that this program will serve your needs, and allow you to join us as an individual participant in the sport. All of the rights and privileges that are offered to club members will be available to individual participants who register in the program. We do encourage the NSBA Colleague to participate in a local club sponsored competition as often as possible. Additionally, we hope that those who join this program will spread the word about the sport in their area, and we encourage them to form a local club.

Details about the program are available on the NSBA website under the "Individual (non-club) membership link on the menu. http://www.enter.net/~craftsman/nsba/nsba.htm Additional information will be provided to those individuals who register to participate, via e-mail reply.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. We hope to be hearing back from you soon, and that you decide to join us as an NSBA Colleague.
From: Funkyasian
Date: Tue Aug 24 20:32:54 UTC 2004
my interest in blow darts started in jazz band, when my intructor was trying to inspre us (the trumpet section) to play louder and higher. and he said "imagine... that you are an blow dart artist..." Blowdart artist? Well, since then I realized that all my practice in breathing and blowing hard with my trumpet, could make me a lethal blow dart "artist" :P. So anyways, I improvised and made myself a 1 foot long, 1/2 inch hole blowdart gun of pbc pipe. And it shoots my toothpick and paper darts with amazing accuracy! I'll go full scale later, but this is enough to keep me busy for the summer.
From: blowgun ripper
Date: Tue Aug 31 15:31:43 UTC 2004
I like your site here s a tip try to make broadheads a stanley knife on a little stick ( cut the point in two )
( of stick)
greetings, roel the blowgunripper
From: patrick band
Date: Wed Sep 15 21:29:39 UTC 2004
I remember my first experience with darts when i watched a movie with charles bronson in witch he uses a tube from a lamp and nails roled in paper do do combat and test against a light bulb. after i saw this i immediately starded experimenting with darts... in brasil we call the blow gun a zarabatana due to the indian name and my first one was made with pvc but i didn%B4t knew how to roll paper darts until now... i remember my last zarabatana was a 9mm 2 meters alum tube connected to a a 2 liter big coke air reservoir which received 50 psi from a compressor... when i fired this monster it could hit and penetrate metalic garbage containers in the ground from the 17th story building i have lived with an incredible precision :)
greets from rio
From: logan broadwater
Date: Sat Oct 2 04:11:31 UTC 2004
this is probly one of the coolest things ive found on the internet!
im officially hooked, thanks!
From: francis
Date: Thu Oct 21 02:44:44 UTC 2004
I learnt to make the darts you mentioned in 1974 in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. All the kids in our neighborhood would have dart wars after school. We would cut the magazines into strips and hang the strips on our belts. when we needed them we would quickly roll them. As recently as a month ago I taught a 12 year old boy how to make the paper darts. Great site, it brings back some fond memories.
From: Gary Di Maggio
Date: Mon Oct 25 00:30:59 UTC 2004
ok so todd butcher turned me on to this website!, confirming that you are the one of the weirdest cats i know, wierd and yet somehow kinda cool, fencing juggling, fencing, and now paper darts! what's next charles? i'm thinkin miniature explodong tiped paper darts!
keep up the lunacy!, G.D. (the yeller)
From: Wayne
Date: Fri Nov 12 23:00:45 UTC 2004
I did a Google search for paper darts and lo and behold it would seem that everything under the sun can be found on line! Ha! I grew up in Manhattan Beach in the 50's and we were terrorizing the neighborhood with hand rolled darts then (I'm guessing summer of '57). I seem to remember some kids from another school shooting us while we were out "exploring" and we took one apart and figured it out. Yes we used 1/2" emt then and shiney magazine paper torn into approx 4" wide strips with "good 'ol spit" to seal em. I showed my boys how to make them when they were about 10 using 1/2" pvc sched 40 now which works just fine and nobody, but nobody in all of Northern California has a clue what they are or why! We blow away the golfers (course across from my house) by shooting them straight up and they come down on the green while they are putting. They just "appear"! Ha, Ha! Others walk over and pick them up to check them out and the funny thing is, they quite often put them back in the same place thinking they are some kind of marker! Ah, to be a kid again! Thanks for the nostalgia and I will be checking back for more info on the history of hand rolled paper darts!
From: CJ
Date: Thu Nov 25 21:32:00 UTC 2004
It is a fun thing to do to chase kids on bikes around shooting them with paper darts. We also think that shooting paper darts into screens is a fun thing to do.
From: Jim
Date: Fri Dec 17 09:17:27 UTC 2004
You are a sick man on a sick mission to corrupt the innocent. I know, because I could only sit and watch my hands as they forwarded the URL of your paper dart site to my teen-aged son ...
From: Jasper
Date: Mon Dec 20 17:25:31 UTC 2004
hey, great site! haha, I found my old blow tube again! yay! I blew paperdarts when I was about 12 I think, now I'm 17 and I am trying to convince some friends that this is the coolest thing in the world haha. I use PVC plastic rather then copper tubing, but the effect is probably the same. Good Hunting

Jasper (from Holland)
From: allsocietysfault
Date: Thu Dec 30 00:54:29 UTC 2004
The most thorough guide to make paper darts I've ever seen.
From: kyle
Date: Fri Jan 7 01:38:38 UTC 2005
Hey i love the site. me and a friend started making our guns out of 2.5 feet thin aluminum pipe it its moderatly lite and very fun to play with. by the way im 15 and would like any more 14-15 year old blow gunners to email me at bar_hop@hotmail.com keep on keepin on
From: Michael
Date: Sat Jan 8 12:35:34 UTC 2005
He this is a realy cool site, but guys maybe you want to look a these sites here, they are realy nice.



From: Patrick Tan
Date: Tue Jan 25 03:10:35 UTC 2005
Thanks for the informative website!
I learnt alot, especially the paper darts...made myself a whole bunch of them.
My blowgun is aluminium, 12mm ID.
Was able to penetrate almost half the length of the dart through PU foam as target.
Cheers, from sunny Singapore
From: Eliott
Date: Fri Jan 28 21:15:52 UTC 2005
Hi, I am a surfer boy and student from Peru, I grew up on a beach in Peru Called Costa Verde which is warm in the summer and cold in winter. The waves are mostly point breaks with really long rights and lefts.

I visit alots of places in Peru, so i can tell you the food is great we have great beaches north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo with great waves chicama has for me the longest wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 meters.
If you are interested contact me
From: Sniper Bob
Date: Sat Jan 29 00:07:46 UTC 2005
Try shooting Tootsie Rolls from your blowpipe... They can fly up to 30 yards. Hard impact and pretty accurate too.
From: Bob
Date: Thu Feb 17 17:48:31 UTC 2005
What a great idea! One more thing missed in my child hood! Here is another idea: the schoolyard Zip-gun-- Take a metal ink pen refill(if, you can find one!) or, a small gauge metal tube. If, an ink refill, bend at the kink, and, hold long end under a match to boil out the ink. When done, take self striking kitchen matches, jam the fire head into end of tube, and, break off. Fill tupe up with 3-6 match heads. Take any match stick, and, jam that into end of tube. Your Zip gun is now loaded. Hold tube by bent handle. Hold a flame to middle of "barrel". Soon, the heat will ignite the match heads, and, will propell the match stick. Warning!: Too many match heads WILL cause the tube to explode in your hands!
From: willem
Date: Fri Feb 18 18:55:14 UTC 2005
Hey. I didn't knew this 'sport' was so uncommon. I'm 15 years now, and I've known it as long as I can remember. However, I never really liked it. I found a much more fun variant on the game; 'braambal' (which is dutch; the english translation would be 'blackberryball') Actually, I invented it. It's quite the same, but instead of paper darts we use blackberries. The stains they leave behind are quite similar to the color of blood and you'll never get it out of your clothes. Visit www.braambal.tk ! It's in dutch though, I think I'll make a english version soon.
From: Data
Date: Wed Feb 23 02:20:18 UTC 2005
My friends and I stumbled upon this site my sophmore year. Eversince we've embraced your idea of paper darts, even making a game of seing how many paper darts we can pepper in our school's ceilings. (WE had 8 in the main hallway which had a ceiling at least 8 meters up) Since then we've somewhat "evolved" the dart. Though it is the same concept, we've come up with smaller darts, easily conceable, and finding that plastic pipets used in chemistry also make a excellent launcher. Thanks for the idea! Lots of fond memories have come about due to your darts.
From: Dennis
Date: Thu Feb 24 23:34:33 UTC 2005
i like your ideas. i tried something with what i happend to have around the house for my first blowgun. i made a cone like yours and used a wooded shishkabob skewer for a dart. with a 5 foot 1/2" pipe i can shoot accuratly from long distances and a lot of power.
From: peter
Date: Fri Feb 25 12:30:51 UTC 2005
this site is kool and i love the idea. this will give me sumthin 2 do at skool
From: CJ
Date: Fri Mar 4 00:39:30 UTC 2005
keepsigning everyone
From: Alex
Date: Sun Mar 13 01:07:12 UTC 2005
Man, this site is evil! But mostly fun too.
From: henry
Date: Sun Mar 13 15:55:29 UTC 2005
put a nail at the frunt to do more damage. i have a simelar website at http://frespace.virgin.net
From: ayshi
Date: Mon Mar 21 21:52:31 UTC 2005
wow...a paper dart...i dont get it
From: da dude
Date: Fri Mar 25 03:27:43 UTC 2005
THese are sooo tight, i just stabbed my friend with one accidentilly! HHahahah ! he's crying like a little girl.
From: hempmaster
Date: Fri May 13 12:17:29 UTC 2005
From: hesselreitsma
Date: Sun May 15 22:13:40 UTC 2005
From: hesselreitsma
Date: Sun May 15 22:15:18 UTC 2005
hi im from the netherlads and like to
hunt thanks for the tip
From: King Tiger
Date: Tue May 17 15:37:18 UTC 2005
Wow, what an informative site. The world is not safe anymore.
Date: Tue May 24 14:10:39 UTC 2005
Wahey... will have to give this a go!
Another similar technique: take a square piece of paper and a lump of blu-tak.
Fold the paper diagonally, twice, so you get a cross in the middle.
Then *turn over* (v important) and fold twice across the middle to make a "+".
Then turn back over and put the blu-tak in the middle
Pull the middle of all 4 sides up at once to make a dart.
Squeeze the blu-tak in the tip to make it keep shape.
Hold by one corner and throw! Add toothpicks if you're nasty - will stick in walls, cats etc...
From: grey
Date: Tue May 24 18:19:30 UTC 2005
Very cool indeed. I have been shooting these out of my 6 foot 5/8 inch aircraft aluminum tube now as an easy to replace alternative for my wood-and cone darts. Recently i started putting 3/4 inch pieces of 3/8 inch aluminum rod in their cones. Needless to say they deliver quite the whomp.
Thanks alot for the very clever and entertaining ideas and websight!
From: Pete
Date: Tue May 31 18:46:08 UTC 2005
Hey! great site, excellent photos and clear explanation, a very cool site. I'm making a Fukiya right now, stumbled on this and didnt know how I would make darts - what a lifesaver! my hat comes off to you! we shall see soon how good those darts are :)
From: Jake
Date: Fri Jun 10 04:36:46 UTC 2005
Date: Tue Jun 14 13:59:54 UTC 2005
I have tried the Malaysian Orang Asli tribe's darts, which are made of hardwood sticks with softwood tails. it can pop a balloon on the ceiling across an auditorium (i.e. from corner to corner). that ROX!
From: errol
Date: Mon Jul 4 09:07:33 UTC 2005
paper darts are awesome, me and me nieghborhood friends are converting to blow guns and paper darts instead of airsoft and paintball because we can get in trouble with airsoft and paintball, but i just found this site and now allll my friends are going to find out about this place, were going to have many many wars soon, thanks for the great ideas
From: Basilmonkey
Date: Sun Jul 10 04:20:54 UTC 2005
I made only one dart, and I ended up on the news and a week in jail.
The headline was 23 injured, 16 dead by blowgun and paper dart.
Man says "It was an accident..."
From: Joel Owens
Date: Tue Jul 12 16:40:14 UTC 2005
Thanks for the rolling technique. We used to build darts from sewing needles and blue plastic barrels of QTips. They fit perfectly inside a clear Bic pen tube - instead of blowing we used a rubber band taped around the loading end with a bit of masking tape for the 'hammer'. You could plant a dart to the hilt in the corkboard, from the back of the classroom. Killer. Later had a copper pipe blowgun that was the length of a notebook. Fun.
From: The Ninja Kid
Date: Fri Jul 22 17:11:39 UTC 2005
These rock! They are so cool.
From: gas masks and AK47's
Date: Thu Jul 28 07:22:01 UTC 2005
Me and some friends fucked around with the dart guns, so much fun! Thanks for making such a great site for such an unknown art. :)
From: Dani
Date: Tue Aug 2 08:27:30 UTC 2005
Very very good work,and hompage!!!

I from Hungary!!

Thank you!!
From: Mark
Date: Fri Aug 5 14:12:32 UTC 2005
Cool info... This brings back memories of when I used to shoot mini pin-darts from plastic pen tubes at school!
I love the idea about shooting paper darts with 'strike-anywhere' matches & a 'blast-cap' on the end!...
From: Derek Noffsinger
Date: Fri Sep 9 16:17:50 UTC 2005
this site is great mag.. job man when i was in 6th grade we made blow guns out of gutted pins and for darts we took cross stick needels. strait pins. hypo needels exc... every thing amanagible we took the needels and stuck them through a pice of plastic bag and used blu tack (sticky tack)to hold it on the end better these babys will sick in some ones head easey we fuigered that out dont try it they will stick in veary hard things sub teachers are the best targets amagnable happy hunting Derek
From: Dylan
Date: Sat Sep 10 05:07:09 UTC 2005
i wonder if i can fit the dart into my paintball gun so it can be co2 powerd
From: jon greene
Date: Sat Sep 17 21:29:47 UTC 2005
From: S.H. Melo
Date: Tue Sep 27 01:29:14 UTC 2005
Hey, cool site, just wanted to add my experience. I learned about paper darts as a kid visiting Colombia back in the 70s. I'm from NJ and we used to visit family in the summers down there and my many cousins were the ones who taught me. It seemed to me that the knowledge about the darts was pretty common among the kids there (or at least amongst my cousins and their friends). They were known as (and still are afaik) 'bodoques' (sp?) pronounced 'boh-do-kehs'. This is bringing back memories of terrorizing poor inncocent passersby (and each other). Naturally, I brought this 'technology' back home and showed my friends. And naturally, this got me and them into all sorts of trouble....once even getting pulled over in highschool with 3 friends, 4 blowguns, and hundreds of darts. The cops didn't know what to make of it. Almost got us arrested. After scaring the crap out of us they did eventually let us go...but took all of our arsenal!! Fascists!! lol. I'll bet they took them back to the station and had some fun!! haha.
From: really nice site
Date: Sun Oct 16 17:51:20 UTC 2005
This is really nice site, with interesting content and beautiful disain
From: Landon T
Date: Mon Oct 17 16:04:46 UTC 2005
I love these paper darts there asome to have fights with!!!
From: Self Defense
Date: Sun Nov 6 19:46:01 UTC 2005
Thery Lovely web site u have.... Gread Job...
From: TxM00se
Date: Sun Nov 13 17:39:25 UTC 2005
anybody know if PVC pipe would work for this? mabye 1/2" diameter by 3 - 5 feet?
From: dartroller
Date: Mon Nov 14 14:14:52 UTC 2005
Yeh, PVC works just fine. It is often troublesome to keep it straight though.
From: TxM00se
Date: Tue Nov 15 00:47:57 UTC 2005
any new ideas for warheads? i cant quite get the toothpick darts to stick in trees yet... blasted hard woods...
this stuff is freaking awsome
From: Brandi
Date: Sat Nov 19 02:41:48 UTC 2005
dude, this site is awesome. im glad you shared this wonderful pice of info. with the world. otherwise i would have never known.
From: JJ
Date: Mon Nov 28 12:45:18 UTC 2005
nice site you have here thankyou for taking the time to create it! you can be assured I will be having a dart battle this very evening!

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